Our Foundation’s Goal is to touch as many lives as possible to assist our most vulnerable; just as Elvie Mary did throughout her life.

Our vision is for a world where humanity dominates our every day. Our support aid is mostly made possible through our own private resources, our board’s mentorship programs, private funds and community donations. These all provide the much needed financial aid and support to fulfill the ‘wish lists’ of charities and individuals who work tirelessly to support and care for our most vulnerable.

We humbly thank everyone involved; their humanity shines to make others day brighter.


Elvie Mary’s Foundation's mission is to continue the kind and selfless deeds done throughout the life of Elvie Mary, the Mother of Ian Scarffe.

With a fond memory of her bright personality, compassion, giving nature and relentless faith in the good in all humanity the foundation continues her charitable acts of kindness.

The foundation develops long-term traditions of supporting, both financially and physically, the most vulnerable in our society. The foundation, through the philanthropic generosity of her son Ian Scarffe, continues a legacy of Elvie Mary’s generosity and kindness to support projects and organisations that ensure a better life for those that deserve it the most.


Elvie Mary was born in regional Australia in 1929. Her parents were hard working, determined to provide the best opportunity for their children at a very difficult economic time.

Tragically Elvie Mary’s father was killed early in his life, leaving her mother to raise her and a younger brother. Elvie Mary had to grow up quickly and had to discontinue her own education to go and work to assist to provide for her mother and brother.

This event began a lifelong legacy of helping, showing kindness and support to others in need. Elvie Mary’s positive attitude towards life inspired others. A devout Catholic, she continued gratefully, and graciously, with a life that helped so many to nurture and grow their own lives. A blessed and beautiful woman.


Our Support Work

We support a range of charities across Europe. Elvie Mary spent her life noticing when someone needed a helping hand, or if there was something they needed that would make all the difference. The foundation was set up in her honor to continue her legacy of touching the lives of those that needed a helping hand.

Some of the worthy charities we support include:

Children’s Cancer Hospital, Poland.
Orphan Children’s Home, Krakow, Poland - Dom Dziecka Sw. Ludwiki
St Albert’s Homeless Canteen, Krakow, Poland.


Become A Volunteer

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to familiarize yourself with the ethical guidelines of The Elvie Mary Foundation.

Next, you can email us your Bio or CV with the email subject “Volunteer Request”. Once we have reviewed your application we will contact you with more details.

Email to [email protected]


Contact Us to Support your Charity or Good will Cause.

If your charity, foundation or good will cause is looking for support, mentorship and assistance, please email us with a request for support.

Contact Joanna [email protected]